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Why Exercise?

Our bodies were designed to move. Before the wheel, our feet were all we had. Since then, every invention has been designed to help us move less. Use it or lose it, these days, we all know we need to move more but it takes time, energy and motivation.
Here’s where I can help. I encourage everyone to engage and work together in a caring and supportive way. I help you to help yourself, to move with confidence, overcoming individual obstacles or difficulties.
I try hard to bring a sense of fun, achievement, enjoyment and inspiration to my classes. My classes will help you live better and move more easily.
No need for equipment, bodyweight is a wonderful tool. And the mind is wonderful thing – the more you do, the better you feel. Getting started is the hardest part.

Jackie Clarke
Online fitness courses

Getting started ...

Join Online Fitness Classes!

Training at home is no less effective than in the gym! Train with me wherever you are and whatever your goals.

  • Elite Qualified Instructor

    I love training online - since the various lockdowns we have been working with keen groups of people who just want to stay fit - but its more than that - it's social as well ....

  • Different classes

    Don't feel like stretching today? Choose slow yoga classes, core training or any one of the classes on the timetable!

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    Nice Prices

    JC Fitness classes are cheaper than a gym membership. You can pay for each session, for unlimited weekly classes or for the month - you choose!

I believe my classes should be accessible and inclusive. That’s why, my offer of £5 per week, unlimited classes, for your whole household, is the best offer you’ll find.
4 legs, 2 legs, furry or not, you’re all welcome to join me and other like-minded people, and start your journey to a happier and healthier you.

How to start

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Only three easy steps to help you stay fit and have fun:


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Trust us, the results will not be long in coming!

Beginners yoga

Yoga for Beginners

New classes available, both online via Zoom and in a classroom. Contact Jackie to find out more.

Suitable for all age groups and fitness levels - we all start from somewhere - make this the beginning of your Yoga journey!